About me

I'm a Bay Area designer currently working at Redfin on tour automation.

Previously, I worked on designing next-generation solutions to consumption, distribution, and analytics as the Senior Designer at Nectar.

Before that, I worked as Lead Designer at Clay Games, designing a web-based game distribution platform, multiple mobile games, and first-generation chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Discord.

Professionally designing since 2010, I have extensive experience across multiple disciplines and platforms, including UI, UX, mobile, and web design.

You can find me discussing design, tech, photography and games on Dribbble, Twitter, Instagram, and Unsplash.

Work experience

Redfin • Product Designer

Jun 2020 – Present

Nectar Inc • Senior Designer

Sep 2017 – Apr 2020

Clay Games • Lead Designer

Aug 2014 – Jul 2017

Melted Silicon • Founder & Designer

May 2010 – Aug 2014

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